Teens and Dieting

Today in class we started a discussion about teenagers and dieting. There were many opinions heard, but I’m sure there are many other things left unsaid.

There are many angles to be explored on this topic. Things such as Body Mass Index (BMI), obesity, health benefits and risks of certain diets, eating disorders in teenagers, peer pressure, media glamorization of people with unhealthy eating habits, etc…

If these issues and our discussion interested you, I encourage you to go out and do some research on your own. Look at several sites about one of the issues above, make up your mind what your thoughts are on that issue and post to the blog. Links to the articles that influenced your thinking are strongly encouraged.

For example:

Here’s a link to an article detailing the NCAA’s ruling that 7th and 8th graders are to be considered “Prospective Atheletes” which prevents coaches from recruiting them to their University. This came up in the discussion about whether teenagers should be focusing on weightlifting, strength training, etc in preparation for high school, college, and professional athletics. In recent years, coaches had started recruiting kids as young as 12 and 13 since there were rule preventing them from recruiting at camps once they started high school.


Here is a link to a page with several great articles on Food and Fitness written for Teens.  If you read an article from this page, please provide a short summary (30 to 50 words) and your analysis (50 to 100 words) of the article plus a link to the actual article page.

Kids Health Food and Fitness


7 comments so far

  1. emily on

    Hey mr. Willamson! I really enjoy your class. It is my fave this year. You are soo cool. I liked this discussion.!

  2. amber on

    I really think its wrong for kids our age to diet but I also think it is mostly set off by comments from other people.

  3. Emily on

    That was a fun conversation!

  4. §Nicholas T.§ on

    I went to the link and read it, but for some of the kids it might be to much but others it might be just what they are waiting for. So I think that they should ask the kid before telling them any information on a scholarship or anything like that.ŸŸŸŸŸŸ

  5. bUBBLEgUM on

    I think that teen dieting is wrong in so many places so i think that no one sould diet cause it is bad for your body you should only diet if your doctor says you should

    Always Ashley♥

  6. Joy! on

    kids our age need to just suck it up if they arent truely happy with their image. i mean, who isnt??? even if u think so, EVERYONE has problems. and EVERYONE has flaws. you just have to wait until you get older and just live your life as a kid to the fullest because when you are older you don’t want to have regrets. you don’t want to always think to yourself, “i SHOULD have tried out for that team, but i didnt because i let everyone else get in my head and i convinced myself that i was no good. i could have GONE somewhere. i could have been GOOD. but i didnt because i was too self-concious.” we just need to live CAREFREE!!!! and take advantage of oppurtunities and take advantage of the fact that we are all individuals and are all different and NOBODY ON THE ENTIRE FACE OF THE PLANET IS A STINKIN’ BARBIE. 🙂 joy has spoken. (applause) ((LOL))

  7. bUBBLEgUM on

    i think that teen dieting iss soooo very wrong! one kids Think of dieting as you have to be 75 pounds and anarexic!! Two kids will eat and then throw it back up after so it looks like they eat soo much food but really they are just rining there body cause all that stuff dose is burn wholes in your throat and make you very very very very Discusting kids think that if you look like you have no meat that it is soo sweet looking and that all these people will talk to them but honestly you dont your body is very very very very very un heathy soo i think the only way you should diet is if your doctor says that you are obese and then you should only take what he says to take out and only that so plzzzz dont become anarexic or belmic just cause some one said to

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