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Welcome to the World Tyler!

As most of you know by now Tyler Leaton Williamson was born today at 7:37 AM. He was 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 21.5 inches long. I’ll post pictures of him here as soon as I get a chance! **UPDATE** Pictures posted below. Enjoy and have a wonderful break!

Tyler is Born!

Podcasts are posted!

They’re all available now! At least all the ones that have been recorded to this point. Well…many of them are. I’ve still got about 10 that are finished that I need to get up this weekend. To access them, click the “podcast” tab above and then follow the link to “2008-2009 Podcasts”. The older podcasts are still available as well, just click the other link. Feel free to listen to as many as you’d like. There is lots of good information to be gleaned from your classmates. Enjoy!

Body Systems Podcast Links

The following links might be useful as you begin to research your topic for your body systems podcast today.

Mr. Williamson’s account (click on For Students on the right) –

World Book Online Username: BCMS1   Password: Bulldogs

SciLinks –

SciLinks Codes (Word document)

Body Structure Concept Maps

Today in class we worked to generate concept maps about the structure of the human body. Below are the four concept maps we came up with, one for each core. Feel free to print out any of the maps and put them with your notes on page 75 of your notebook.
Core 1 Concept Map
Core 2 Concept Map
Core 3 Concept Map
Core 4 Concept Map

Body Systems Podcasts

As an example of a podcast about a system of the Human Body, I have created a podcast about Synesthesia.  Later this week you will be working on research for your podcast topic.  Be thinking about what you’d like to research and take a look at the list in the previous post for topic ideas.

I’m also including some links to more information about synesthesia for those interested. Hope you enjoy! The intro and outro music for the podcast is “Some One Turning” by the band Arctic from their album Music for Rain, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License 2.5.

Mr. Williamson’s Synesthesia Podcast

More info on Synesthesia:

The Synesthesia Project FAQ

Rare but Real: People who Feel, Taste, and Hear Color

Scholarpedia Article: Synesthesia

Also, there is a novel about a young girl with synesthesia called: A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass.