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Punnett Square Practice Problems

Today in class you will be completing the Punnett Square Practice Problems. Use pages 124 and 125 of your notebook to show your work. For each problem:

  1. Define the Alleles
  2. Determine the Parent Type
  3. Do the Cross
  4. Answer any probability questions

You may work with a partner as long as Mr. Weist, Mr. Garman, and Ms. Brienza feel you are working on the task at hand.

See you tomorrow!

Gregor Mendel

Here is today’s presentation on Gregor Mendel. I’m trying out SlideShare for the first time, so feel free to comment on this format rather than the regular link to a presentation file.

Genetics Coded Definitions


Here is the sheet to decode the Genetics definitions. It’s a little grainy in areas, but I think you can figure out what each letter is. The decoded definitions go on page 118.