About Mr. Williamson

This is my eighth year teaching science at Broad Creek Middle School. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in Middle Grades Education. I am certified to teach science and math. I really enjoy working with middle school students and am an active member of the National Middle School Association. In 2008, I was recognized as Teacher of the Year for BCMS and for Carteret County. In 2010, I was recognized by the North Carolina Middle School Association as the Region 2 Teacher of the Year.

I am also a bit of a techie. I love searching out new technologies that might be useful in the classroom. I am not afraid to take risks to see how something will work, nor am I afraid to make a fool out of myself if something doesn’t work. I expect my students to be willing to take some risks throughout the school year as well.

You can contact me at the school during my planning (from 9:00am to 10:30am) at   (252)247-3135.   After 10:30 my voice-mail extension is 161.

My email address is todd.williamson@carteretk12.org


12 comments so far

  1. Amy Waldbusser on

    i luuuuv the smart board! it is kewl!! 🙂

  2. mary stegall on

    yeah i is so like it is the best

  3. Mrs. Kelly on

    Everything is awesome! I’m sure your students are enjoying being in your class this year.

  4. rhaines on

    Mr. Williamson,

    Surely you jest…I do believe that the whoopin’ will be the other way around next Fall:) What is Kopi Luwak? Am I missing something here?….

    Mrs. Haines

  5. Savannah Mills on

    hello mr williamson
    i just wantd to say hello and say i miss braod creek and haveing you as a science teacher.

    Savannah Mills

  6. Turner Miller on

    hello its ur favorite student turner haha

  7. toddwilliamson on

    Hmm, favorite student Turner…*scratching head* I don’t remember having a favorite student named Turner… 🙂

  8. hannah j. core 3 on

    congrates on getting teacher of the year… u desrived it ….
    and about the jets and golden coral i didnt believe u one bit mr. will


  9. amy on

    hey, Mr.W, i told my sister, Kelli about the “cow” joke (u know, knock knock, whos there, cow interruption, etc.) and she didn’t get it. I STILL don’t get it. u might have to explain it 2 me sometime…:)

  10. hannah j. on

    Hey i had an awsome year in ur class. the new 7th graders will love u and ur class. hope u r as goofy as ever. :p well have a good year.

  11. Emily on

    I do not want this year to end because you are one of the best teachers on the team!!!!

    Please go to 8th grade and teach science their!

  12. dusty honaker on

    hey mr.williamson i was in ur class in 2007-2008 ur still my favorite teacher 🙂

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