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Quiz Practice and Roller Coasters

Above you will find some problems for practicing for tomorrow’s Speed and Acceleration Quiz.  If you have questions with any of them, post them to Edmodo.

Also, here is the link to the Roller Coaster Game from today’s class.

Also remember that I would really appreciate anyone’s help in getting together materials for our paper roller coaster project. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • 4 packs (250 sheets each) of White Cardstock
  • 3 packs (200 sheets each) of Colored Cardstock
  • 25-30 rolls of clear tape (refill rolls are fine)
  • 25 pieces of cardboard exactly 12″ x 24″

Physics Concept Map

Here is the basic concept map we came up with during class today on page 121.  Your homework is to add basic descriptions of the Contributions of each Famous Physicist, basic ideas of what each Branch of Physics deals with, and four to five careers that require a basic understanding of Physics…is that basic enough? 🙂