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Multiple Intelligences

In schools we often ask the question: “How smart are you?” even when we don’t realize it. When students compare test scores, grades, GPAs, SAT scores and many other things they’re really asking that question. The real question we should ask is: “How are you smart?” Everyone has different areas of strength and different ways they learn best. Today you are going to take a survey that will help you understand the ways you learn best.

After you complete the survey, read about your two strongest intelligences. Come back here and post a comment about your survey results. What were your strongest intelligences? Were they the ones you expected? What kinds of activities could we do that might help you learn well?

To access the survey, click the following link:
Multiple Intelligences Survey


Welcome Back 09-10 Sunfish

Glad to have you joining us this year! You’ve had a couple of days to get to know the teachers and you have a whole lot more in front of you to learn from us and each other!  Don’t forget to get all of those packet pages signed and returned.  We’re going to the computer lab on Friday so you have to have that Internet form filled out to be able to participate on the computer. Otherwise you’ll have to do the work on a paper handout.  Enjoy these first few days with little homework and be ready for the fun to really begin soon!