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Wednesday, February 17th!!! STUDY!!

  • Identify labelled organs of the digestive system
  • Know the basic functions of the organs
    • This organ is a 16 to 18 foot tube for nutrient absorption.
    • This organ produces bile, stores nutrients, detoxifies the blood
    • This organ removes water from undigestable material
    • These organs are for grinding and mashing food in the mouth
    • Etc…
  • Know basics of the nutrients we need:
    • Carbs, Fat, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Water
    • Carbohydrates: Simple vs. Complex
    • Fat: Unsaturated vs. Saturated vs. Trans
    • Order of energy use within the body
    • Vitamins vs. Minerals
  • Mechanical vs. Chemical Digestion
  • Order of organs in the digestive pathway

Chat session in Edmodo tonight at ~8 PM…Join us!

Nutrients Powerpoint…some slides were not used in class


MyPyramid Blast Off Game

Only after you have posted something to the comments of the Fast Food Nutrition post!!

This link takes you to a game where your goal is to select foods and activity that will fit into a daily meal plan according to the new Food Pyramid.  Select foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, and daily activity.

MyPyramid Blast Off Game

MyPyramid Resources

Nutrition Comparison: Fast Food

Your task is to find out the nutritional information for a meal at your favorite fast food restaurant.  There are four steps to this task:

  1. Create a “meal menu” where you list the items you would typically order from that restaurant.
  2. Search for nutrition information from that restaurant’s website. A simple Google Search of the restaurant name and “nutrition information” should pull up results. Please only use information from the restaurant’s official site.
  3. Beside each item, list the calories, grams of a nutrient and % daily value for: Fat, Carbs, and Protein.
  4. List the total calories, fat, carbs and protein AND percentages for the entire meal.


  • McDonald’s Quarter Pounder w/ cheese: 510 calories, 42 g of fat (65%), 40 g of carbs (13%), 48 g of protein

When you are finished, give your thoughts and opinions about whether that meal would be a REASONABLE part of a person’s daily food intake. Be honest. Consider how fast food restaurants market their food items, making meals cheaper than individual items, or the size of servings of the food that is ordered.  How does and how should fast food fit into the lives of people?

Post your responses either as a comment on this post, or in a full blog post at your Edublog with a link in the comments section of this post.