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Welcome 2010-2011 Sunfish!

Welcome to the Sunfish Team! We’ve got a great year planned out for you.  This will be your online home for Mr. Williamson’s class.  We will use this site for a number of activities.  Sometimes I’ll post questions, class notes, videos, and other fun things here on the site.  It’s also your portal to information related to my class.  On the right you’ll see links for:

  • Sunfish Team Calendar – we’re going to work to post homework, projects, events, etc on this calendar
  • E-grades – access your class grades online, still waiting for this year to become active
  • Other Teacher’s Blogs – Mr. Garman, Mr. Banks, and Mrs. Koczot each have blogs as well
  • Holt Online Textbook – your entire textbook is available online. If you mouse over the link, you’ll find the username and password (hint: the username is: gstudent40 and the password is: williamson)

Before the end of the year, you will have the opportunity to create your own blog, but we’ll talk more about that later. Your first task here on the blog is to access your textbook online, look at page 128, and post three characteristics of the Taiga biome as a comment to this post.