3rd World Farmer

No, I haven’t decided that I’m teaching Social Studies 🙂 In my “research” (yes, that means time sitting around randomly searching the web for interesting things) I came across a few games/simulations that relate to your studies in Mr. Garman’s class. This is one of them. In 3rd World Farmer your job is to choose crops to plant and harvest each year to try and survive as a farming family in a 3rd world country. Along the way you will have to make decisions about sending your children off to school, increasing their knowledge, but decreasing your ability to farm your land. You may also have to make the choice of spending your hard earned money to purchase medicine for sick family members, or forcing them to continue working without seeking medical treatment. The game brings up many different aspects of life in 3rd world countries. I’d love to see your thoughts about the game, and its’ depiction of life and the struggle to survive for these families.

3rd World Farmer


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  1. Ray λdaπs on

    It’s a pretty cool game, but I don’t think my computer will meet the system requirements!

  2. ΩBrian♫ on

    I like the game I raised illegal crops. WOOPEE!

  3. hans harlacher on

    i beat it with as much elaphants as you can get and a giant family with everything bought

  4. Niecee on

    YEAH I WON!!!!!!! that is the first game u have posted on your blog that i have won. i was horrible at electrocity, OK at elections but i finally won!! yeah!!! great game by the way!!!!!!

  5. ♥Amber♣ on

    Wow, that is a pretty cool game. I found a fish game where you raise fish and cell them. It’s called fish tycoon. You have to try to stay in business, its challenging for some, unless your like Hans *<;0).
    Anyway I love this game!

  6. ryan on

    the game, well, they need to protect thier chicken jeez, stupid thiefs and tristan says

    those theifs are the devil!!! but got some money with opeium or whatever

  7. Delanigh on


  8. Ashley on

    I think this game is super duper cool. It teaches you how African’s really live.

  9. LexAn(: on

    I ❤ the game.
    I don’t really know what ppl learn from it tho;
    I don’t get it.
    I like seeing the kids die.
    Even tho they just disappear.
    hah. Ohkay.
    I’m gonna go play it now.

  10. Alisha on

    I think that third world farmer is a great way to see what life was like in farming and it can also teach you great values in life

  11. MarinahNicole on

    I think this game is very cool,
    You should put more all-subject related games on your website.
    just a suggestion,

    –<3 MarinahNicole

  12. Kristian on

    i love this game!!
    i wish i could play all day long
    well i got to go

  13. Kelsey on

    Hey Mr. Williamson! 3rd world farming is a lot of fun….however it is really hard………..my people died!

  14. Ray Adams on

    I got 1900 points in case anyone wants to compare

  15. §Nicholas§ on

    All my people died in the first 5 minutes -_- . but overall it was pretty fun.

  16. zan on

    i now have 3,358 dollars to spend and a family of 8 we get an elephant and chickens only one guy died beat that patrick. [ please don’t delete this me and patrick are seein who gets the most.]

  17. zan on

    even bigger and i would like to see you beat this 96600 dollars and an even bigger family however i did send someone to a city?

  18. Josie on

    Hi! This is the hardest game EVER!! I have never had more than $68 at a time. Of course, you know me, I wanted a cow. But I couldn’t buy one! My husband (of course a Twilight character) died within like, three minutes every time. And no one ever wanted to marry my people!!! But it’s really fun. 🙂

  19. James S. on

    I finished 3rd world farmer with 1255 points. I am better at this game then Electrocity.

  20. ΩBrian♫ on

    Ray my friend I got 2100 pints think you can beat it?

  21. Krista m on

    fun game my dad say to play it and i did i started playing at 1:30pm and stoped at 3:11pm.

  22. Ray Adams on

    This is out of date. A new version is ready, so you might want to get a link to that.

  23. Ray Adams on

    Lol, look at the high scores! That’s just insane. It’s probably a guy who sat around for 5 days buying everything except for the last thing on the light bulb tab. Either that, or they just macroed it. Maybr I should try that.

  24. Shay on

    I found a game sort of like that on the internet. It is called “Celtic Village.”

  25. toddwilliamson on

    Shay, do you have the link handy? Copy and paste it into a comment so others can check it out. I’ll go look for it myself, but I’m going to let you do the work on this one 🙂

  26. toddwilliamson on

    Ray, do you have a link to the newer version? From everything I can tell, the “new version” links straight through to what I’ve posted…am I missing something?

  27. Ray Adams on

    A link for the “newer” version appears right above the actual game. So this should be it.

  28. Ray Adams on

    RE: Brian
    Just did. I got 2325 points.

  29. toddwilliamson on

    Ray, If you mouse over both the link to the “New Version” and the main image on the link I posted you’ll notice they direct you to the same place. Apparently this is a newer version of some no longer available “older version”

  30. ♥Emily♥ on

    this was a pretty fun game! You need to put more games on your website!

  31. Shay on

    Here is the link for Celtic Village:

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