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Open Book/Note Test

For our Chapter test, you will complete the Chapter Review on pages 68 and 69. You may use your book or your notes to complete the test. You will complete all questions except #24.

  • #1-6 Complete Sentences
  • #7-15 answer only
  • 16-27 Two to three complete sentences
  • 28 and 29 answers only
  • You will also complete #1-3 on page 71 under Interpreting Graphics

This is to be turned in Wednesday at the beginning of class!


Meteorology Day

On Thursday, October 15th, I had what I have dubbed Meteorology Day in my classroom. Students from each of my classes participated in Skype interviews with meteorologists from across the United States and one in Australia. The focus of the conversations was the difficulty of forecasting in the various locations across the country and world. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions of each meteorologist, and the recordings of the conversations are posted below.

My first group talked with Jo Hart from Western Australia. Though she is not a professional meteorologist, she gave us some very interesting insights into the weather factors affecting Western Australia. She also shared with us an album of Flickr photos detailing weather in her region. That album can be viewed here:
Jo Hart Western Australia Weather

The rest of the day we had chats with Les Still from New Bern, NC, Sonja Stevens from Macon, GA, Tom Green of the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh, PA, and Jason Myers from Richmond, VA. The recordings below are also available for download from my PodOmatic page.

Les Still Talks with my 1st Core

Sonya Stevens Talks with my 2nd Core

Tom Green Talks with my 3rd Core

Jason Myer’s Talks with my 4th Core

Energy in the Atmosphere

Today in class we worked with the topics of Radiation, Conduction, and Convection. We discussed the way that all three allow for the transfer of heat energy in the atmosphere. On page 40 in your notebook, you should have a diagram that resembles the following slide:

Students were also asked to complete the Reflection of Solar Radiation activity. The questions and diagram go on page 43 of your notebook, and the answers (in complete sentences and with explanation) should go on page 42. I am including a scan of the sheet here on the blog for any of you who have lost your copy.