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Gummy Bear Analysis Questions

The following are the analysis questions from today’s Gummy Bear Lab. These should be answered in your notebook on page 37 or 38 along with the rest of your lab write-up.

1. Do observations and evidence support your hypothesis? Why or why not?
2. Which change is greater – mass or volume? Explain.
3. Explain what happened to the gummy bear. Page 383 in the text may be very useful.
4. Was there a change in density? Why?
5. How do your results compare with your classmates?
6. What additional questions do you have/experiments could you perform?


Scientific Methods: Grail Style

Yesterday we discussed Scientific Methods and the process of doing science. As an example, I shared this video. While the “science” in the video leaves much to be desired, the point is well made. The scientific process doesn’t just apply to medical research like many people first think, it can apply to nearly any situation where a decision has to be made. Make observations, gather evidence from experiments, and analyze your findings to be the best scientist you can!

Facts, Laws, Theories…Oh My!

Today in class we discussed the differences in various scientific ideas. I used the following slides to help in that discussion.


What Does It Mean?

One of our first assignments each year is for students to take a look at the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for 7th Grade Science and come up with an image to represent each of the six goals.  I call the activity “What Does it Mean?” and it gives us a good launching point to discuss some of the things we’ll be learning for the year. Here are a few pictures of some of this year’s “What Does it Mean?” responses: