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Blood Types Quiz


Questions will be focused on:

  • Determining a Blood Type using Antibodies
  • Determining possible donors for a transfusion
  • Calculating percentages of donors

Tuesday night there will be a review session in Edmodo beginning at 8 pm (after I get my kids in bed :))


Science of Holding Your Breath: David Blaine

In October, illusionist David Blaine gave a talk for TEDMed about his training and experience of breaking the world record for a human holding his breath.  The record now stands at 17 minutes, 4 seconds. The information in this video is nothing short of amazing.  Take the time to watch this one, and share your thoughts or something you learned in the comments.

Standard DTTAH (Don’t Try This At Home) rules apply!

Anatomy Arcade and Tuesday’s Out

Tonight’s Out Activity: Page 78, choose one to help you remember the differences in the three types of muscle, one for the difference in flexors/extensors, and one for the differences in aerobic/resistance exercise.

The game we used in class today is available at: Anatomy Arcade Games

There are games for the muscles, bones, and jigsaw puzzles for several different systems.