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No, this is not a science post, however I think it’s educational enough that I’m slipping this one in here. With the election on the horizon this is the perfect game for you to figure out what the candidates go through in order to try to get elected. This game takes you through the primaries and the general election allowing you to choose issues you want to focus on.  You are responsible for choosing the issues, fundraising efforts, responses to events of good and bad fortune, and campaigning in battleground states across the country.  Part strategy game, part chance, eLections will be different each time you play. This is a wonderful preview of high school civics. Play it a few times and you may know more about the election than Joe the Plumber!

Cable in the Classroom’s eLections Game


Electrocity Simulation

For those of you that have taken an interest in our discussion of air pollution (and even possibly some of you who haven’t!) there’s a cool site you might find interesting. Electrocity is a game provided by an electric company in New Zealand. It resembles SimCity for those of you who are familiar with that game. You are the mayor of a city and it is up to you to decide how you want to power your city, tax your citizens, and provide jobs/entertainment for you population. You can buy and sell coal and gas on the market. You might want to try to build a small city that is environmentally friendly or you might want to try and build the biggest city possible. You’ve only got 150 turns to try however. When you complete a city use the code: TW11152 to let me know how you did. I will post high scores in the class based on a formula using Population and Overall Grade as a Mayor. Good luck!