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Senteo Classroom Response System

Our school’s latest foray into educational technology has come in the form of Smart’s Senteo classroom response system. With this system, students are given a “clicker” much like a remote control. Similar to the way America’s Funniest Home Videos has it’s audience vote at the end of the show, teacher’s can now have students “vote” or answer questions at any point in class and have the answers automatically scored. We took two tests as practice in class today, one with questions about our movie from the reward day, E.T., and the other related to the systems we have covered so far. Once students have answered a set of questions, teachers can see the results compiled, as well as seeing what each student answered for each question. The Senteo system can be used to informally see how students are doing on a subject or can be used for actual grading. The software allows teachers to enter multiple choice questions with up the 10 answers, true/false, yes/no, multiple answer, or numeric answer questions. The Senteo system not only cuts down on paperwork for the teachers, it helps provide immediate feedback for students so they know how they’re doing with a certain topic. Plus they’re really fun to play with 🙂