Older Podcasts

Student podcasts about the systems of the human body by the 2007-2008 7th grade Sunfish Team. Take a listen and feel free to comment! More to follow…

Functions of Bones – James
Bone Development – Angel and Destinee
Bone Fractures and Repair – Kaysey

Muscular System and Steroids – Chase, Chris, and Justin

**NEW** Steroids – Lonnie and Brandon
Steroids and Cramps – Morgan and Ashli
Muscular System and Cramps – Lizzie and Jessie
**NEW** Integumentary System – Mikayla and Scarlett
**NEW** Hair – Morgan
Leprosy – Turner
Cardiovascular System – Wes and Levi
Digestive System – John
Tapeworms, Feces, and Eating Disorders – Denise, Ashley and Emily
**NEW** Anorexia and the Food Pyramid – Hannah and Mary
**NEW** Anorexia and Bulimia – Katherine and Yasmen
Bulimia and Anorexia – Ginna and Cacey
Anorexia – Cara
Bulimia – Summer
Dr. Beaumont and Alexis St. Martin – Maddie and Christina
Alexis St. Martin and Sword Swallowing – Kaiser and Caleb
Sword Swallowing – Logan

Hiccups – Chase
Lungs, Smoking, Asthma, ADD and the Spleen – Savannah, Beth, and Kelsey
Respiratory System and Emphysema – Jesse and Brennan
Smoking – Emily
Smoking and Asthma – Mary and Amy
Smoking and the Lungs – Matt
**NEW** Sinusitis – Erik

Urinary Bladder and Stomach – Becca and Kelsey
Phineas Gage – Nathaniel
**NEW** Bipolar Disorder and Phineas Gage – Shelby and Kristen
**NEW** ALS and Parrot Fever – Hannah and Marshall
**NEW** Memory – Ethan
Autism and Tourette’s – Ryan and Summer
Tourrette’s and ADHD – Zach and RJ
Pinched Nerves and Memory Loss – Abella and Brittany
Dreams – Cody and Kenny
Headaches and Dreams – Vicki and Leigha
Dreams and Stem Cell Research – Morgan and Lauryn
Brain Tumors – Kerry
Hallucinations and Hypothermia – Ryne and Dillon

Endocrine System – Mystic
Giantism and Dwarfism – Austin and Luis
**NEW** Dwarfism and Tears – Aspen and Sarah


17 comments so far

  1. Mrs. Condie on

    Awesome job sunfish!

    Mrs. Condie

  2. mary on

    tha is so kool!!! me and amy dont sound funny

  3. james on

    that was so funny some people changed there voices it was halarious!!!

  4. ryne on

    some peoples voices sound really weird on the podcasts. Especially mine i can’t even tell it is me.

  5. zach on

    the podcasts are fun. i think we should do something like that again. it was funny to hear everybody with… odd voices. i like how we can post comments

  6. ryne on

    this project might have seen really boaring at the beginning but now it is awesome that we can actucially hear our podcast

  7. ginna on

    my podcast sounds sooo cool

  8. zach on

    mine sounds better

  9. bcw on

    Rynes and Dillons was so cool and some what funny. I’m glad they did not say monkey.

  10. ginna on

    we should do podcast again!!!!!

  11. Kerry on

    This is sooo kewl!! My voice sounds really different, It sounds really cool when u play them all together though. I really think we should do this again!

  12. Mr. Davis on

    Nice job, guys. Keep up the good work.
    Mr. Davis

  13. hannah j. core 3 on

    he do u know why that me and mary b podcast aint up yet.

  14. meredith on

    why isent mine up or ahelys and samanthas arent up yet

  15. Aspen Allen on

    Hey Mr. Williamson..

    I know im kinda late…well really late actually…but i was wondering why me and Sarahs podcasts werent up yet..? Maybe im just not seeing it or something..is there another page to go to, to see more..?????…!!!!!

    Well ill talk to you later…Bye

    – Aspen – 🙂

  16. toddwilliamson on

    I worked on posting the other podcasts tonight. At the moment your podcast doesn’t seem to be working right. I have two that won’t get past the “Buffering” stage. I’m hoping it’s just an issue with the school’s server at the moment. I’ll keep working on the two of them if they aren’t working in the morning. Sorry for the delay.

  17. ryan on

    No wonder Luis did giantism.

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