2008 – 2009 Podcasts

Skeletal System

Kyl and Garrett – Skeletal System

Charlie and Joe – Breaks, Sprains and Fractures

Will and Kyle – Fractures, Dislocations, and Broken Bones

Ashley, LexAn, and Samantha – Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and Fractures

Autumn and Amber – Osteoporosis

Carissa – Osteoporosis

Integumentary System

Ashley – Birthmarks

Neal – Hair

Sierra and Delaney – Cultural Body Modifications

Digestive System

Kelsey and Marinah – Upper Digestive Tract

Shay and Sarah – Anorexia

Joy – Anorexia

Emily – Bulimia

Gessica – Green Stool

Cardiovascular System

Josie and Brook – The Heart

James and James – Blood Cells

Respiratory System

Kristen and Niecee – Holding Your Breath

Nathan, Nicholas, and Tristan – Lung Problems, the Voice Box, and Asthma

Rachel and Maegan – Smoking

Alexxas and Jessica – Emphysema and Lung Cancer

Nervous System

Krista and Kristian – Nervous System

Shane and Ben – The Brain and the Eyes

Sky and Tyler – ADHD

Ally and Megan – Spina Bifida and ADHD

Anthony – The Spine

Brian – Memory and Learning

Ray – Autism

Patrick and Kayleigh – Seizures

Caleb and Garrett – Concussions and Comas

Lymphatic System

Andrianna, Josh, Eason – Tonsils

Endocrine System

JR – Endocrine System

McKenzie, Emily and Emily – The Pancreas

Urinary System

Darrin and Kyle – Kidney Stones

General Topics

Mason, Nick and Joey – Sports Injuries

Kate – Pink Eye

Meredith – Germs

Zan – Strep Throat

Dustin and Gerald – Cocaine

Hans and Kirk – Laughter and Hiccups

Peter – Sneezing

Raif and TJ – Earwax, Boogers, and…um, flatulence…no seriously…

13 comments so far

  1. Joy! on

    WOW Mr.W! this is SOOOOOO cooool! i wanted to listen to ALL of them! they are all sooo interesting! i love this project!!!!! thank you for making us complete this project! it was totally worth it! ❤

  2. JOSEPH on

    patricks and kayleighs is soooo funny

  3. Mrs. Haines on

    Way to go Sunfish Students! These podcasts are professional sounding and informative – great job! I enjoyed listening to them. You all are luck to have Mr. W!

    Mrs. Haines (7th grade Science teacher at MCMS)

  4. Emily!♪♫♥ on

    Mr. Williamson this is a very cool project……… i had a lot of fun doing this.
    ♪♫♥ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Ray Adams on

    It’s very funny to hear Hans talking about laughter in such a scientific way, considering his many laughing spasms.

  6. Glen Westbroek on

    Cool podcasts. I enjoyed listening to them. I’m glad you have such a fun teacher as Mr. Williamson!

  7. Autumn! on

    This was sooo funn!!!


  8. Charity King on

    Mr. Williamson,

    I am impressed at how well the kids did on these podcasts. You can tell they have spent quality time in this endeavor. My husband was even interested and thought it was humorous that one of your students did a study on…stool. ewwwww!!

    Well done!!


  9. Brian on

    Hey!!! The podcasts are awesome Ahshley H., Ray, and Niecee and Kristain great job on your podcasts I really enjoy them. Now off I go to read more PODCASTS!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gess! on

    Yay! Baby Tyler Leaton Williamsons coming today!!!!!!!! (((((((((:

  11. ♪♫Meredith♪♫ on

    haha listen to patricks and kaleighs it’s funny
    🙂 :0 😛 🙂 :}

  12. Ashley on

    Hey Mr. Williamson,
    Congrats on Tyler, try not to spend too much around his b-day and Christmas. lol
    I think this project was one of the best. Thank you for being such a great and creative teacher.

  13. krista on

    Joey, Nick and Mason did good topics and i learnde alot from it.

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