Writing Task #3: Science Content Piece

Okay folks, it’s that time again…the third piece is upon us for the NC Writing Assessment. This time it’s the science content piece. Here is the prompt, a few notes from our discussion today, and some dates for where this is going.

Which system of the body do you consider most important and why?

Possible Reasons a System is Important

  • Contains vital organs like…
  • Performs necessary function of…
  • Works with these other systems…

Please remember to provide clear arguments, supported with information from class and the textbook.  You should support each of your reasons/arguments with details that move your point forward.

Monday, Jan 3rd: Brainstorming

Tuesday, Jan 4th: In class writing time

Wednesday, Jan 5th: Turn in written copy

Thursday, Jan 6th: Time in the computer lab to type up written copy

Tuesday, Jan 11th: Computer Lab/Laptops to submit final copy to the state


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