Which Do You Think…

Would have the most impact on the way teachers teach and students learn:

  • Amazon’s Kindle
  • iPod Touch
  • Netbook computer

Imagine the school was trying to decide which of these tools to purchase for student use.  Each costs roughly $300.  Which one do you think would have the most impact or the most potential use for classroom learning?  What ideas do you have for how each would be used in your classes?  Feel free to post your thoughts as a comment, or a new post on your blog and put the link to your post as the “Website” of a comment.


3 comments so far

  1. Davidl15 on

    OMG ipod touch is the best because it has a kindle aplication or ap. A

  2. Davidl15 on

    Sorry as I was saying another I think it comes with internet and last but not least think about all the learning aps like Wolfram alpha

  3. Melissa A on

    i definatly think the ipod touch because it can do everything the kindle and the netbook can do and more

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