Hurricane Strike

Today in class we looked at planning for severe weather. We started tracking a hurricane heading toward Fort Walton Beach, Florida. In the simulation, the family we were staying with was getting the house ready and going over their plan for hurricanes/severe weather. I thought some of you might be interested in exploring the simulation more in depth. The link below takes you to the main page for the Hurricane Strike activity. When you get there, you will need to enter an email address and a password. I have set up a single account that you all may use.

The email address is my school email: You can copy and paste the address into the box. The password for that address is bulldogs.

If you have a faster internet connection, you’ll want to scroll down and click “Access all English Versions on the Web.” There are several versions of the activity available. The one we were working on in class is the Standard Multimedia version. This version requires the Flash Player application and is fairly graphics intensive. The Keyboard/Captioned Version puts word bubbles into the multimedia presentation so you can read along with the audio. The Accessible Text version is a text based, less graphics intense version of the simulation. All three give you the necessary information, just in a slightly modified format.

With a slower connection, the files can be downloaded (though this will still take some time) as a .zip file that can be unzipped into a folder with all the necessary files. I have not done this and don’t have further instructions, but if you’re adventurous this is an option. Also, the text based version I mentioned before should be a little better for slower connections than the multimedia version we were using.

Good luck and enjoy! Feel free to comment the blog and let me know what you think!


9 comments so far

  1. Nicholas Toooooooouchton☼§ on


  2. Autumn on

    This game is really pretty fun…
    I think it helps us be more aware of what we would need to do in case of a hurricane.

    this game is sooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!


  3. alisha on

    I realy think that it is a big change and I think it is something that can get the kids more interested in the activities that they do in everyday life. I know that it might be hard for the teachers to get new ideas but after a while they might get the hang of it.

  4. ♥♥♥Kayleigh♥♥♥ on

    Dear Mr. Williamson,
    I really enjoyed going through the whole thing on my computer! I learned alot of information where it is fun at the same time!!! The most fun I had though was August 2nd, because you are acually going through the hurricane!!! But that is tied with August 2nd! On August 2nd you got to go shopping (I ♥ SHOPPING!!! LOL :D) and also clean out the yard! (i had trouble finding the loose branchs! :D) Although August 4th was WAY BORING and you didnt learn much with it 😦

  5. Shay on

    I really enjoyed going through and seeing all of the different activities to play around with!

  6. Shay on

    I also thought making our own hurricane was fun, too!!!

  7. amber on

    I thougt it was ok and i agree with Kayleigh on August 4th

  8. Delaney on

    MR.williamson I still think we need the Surfboard
    😀 Guess were i am!!!! IN mrs. Brienza’s Room. See Yah in in 10 minutes!! BYe byes

  9. JOY! on

    Hey Mr. W! Right now I’m procasinating in Ms. Brienza’s room. This is pretty cool I guess! Can’t wait to get to your class! VOTE JOY TAYLOR FOR SGA VICE PRESIDENT! =) :p ❤


    ~the koolest person in the whole world~

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