Energy in the Atmosphere

Today in class we worked with the topics of Radiation, Conduction, and Convection. We discussed the way that all three allow for the transfer of heat energy in the atmosphere. On page 40 in your notebook, you should have a diagram that resembles the following slide:

Students were also asked to complete the Reflection of Solar Radiation activity. The questions and diagram go on page 43 of your notebook, and the answers (in complete sentences and with explanation) should go on page 42. I am including a scan of the sheet here on the blog for any of you who have lost your copy.



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  1. Amy B on

    This doesn’t have much to do with this but me, my brother and my dad are arguing about meteors and global warming. I need some answers.
    1. Does the ozone layer have anything to do with global warming? If so, what?
    2. Does the ozone layer have anything to do with stopping meteors?

  2. toddwilliamson on

    Hey Amy,
    Good questions…which side of the argument are you on? Here’s the most straightforward I can be with an answer to each question.

    1) Does ozone have ANYTHING to do with GW? Possibly, but not much…The Wikipedia entry on Ozone Depletion tells the basic story and the connection is slight at best: Ozone Depletion and Global Warming
    The real culprit in the issue of Global Warming are gases that can be considered “greenhouse gases” such as carbon dioxide and methane. The real problem with ozone depletion is an increase in UV radiation entering Earth’s atmosphere.

    2) Does the ozone layer have anything to do with stopping meteors? Yes, but again in only the most general sense. Meteors begin to burn up in the mesosphere where the density of the atmosphere begins to get high enough that friction causes meteors to burn. Everything below the mesosphere therefore has a higher density, adding to the friction, continuing to burn meteors. However, even if the ozone layer didn’t exist within the stratosphere, if the density of air at that level were the same, meteors would burn up.

    Hope that helps and that you were on the winning side of the argument!

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