Multiple Intelligences

In schools we often ask the question: “How smart are you?” even when we don’t realize it. When students compare test scores, grades, GPAs, SAT scores and many other things they’re really asking that question. The real question we should ask is: “How are you smart?” Everyone has different areas of strength and different ways they learn best. Today you are going to take a survey that will help you understand the ways you learn best.

After you complete the survey, read about your two strongest intelligences. Come back here and post a comment about your survey results. What were your strongest intelligences? Were they the ones you expected? What kinds of activities could we do that might help you learn well?

To access the survey, click the following link:
Multiple Intelligences Survey


50 comments so far

  1. Melissa A on

    I am completly musical smart which is totally accurate because i am never without a musical source and i work best while listening to music and i use music to motivate me to run and to wake up in the morning!Next i am mostly body smart which is not true i am probally picture smart next but that is third… I love to draw all of my notebooks from last year are filled with doodles and drawings and while most people write in a diary i draw in my sketchbook every night!

  2. austin l on

    ☺☻☺☻This is not very accurate i dont think some things are right

  3. Maekala B. on

    I’m smart at naturesmart

  4. Sean O'Connor on

    My intellagens is mostly in sports becaues I injoy playing football,basketball,baseball,and wrestling and they all fit me good.

  5. Sam L. on

    Enterpersonal and Bodilay Kinesthetic smart. Logic following closely. YAAAYY MEEE!!!!

  6. Cole on

    I had the most intelligance in music, and visual. I think i have intelligance in music because I play guitar and piano.

  7. Kris Gage on

    my intelligences is sports cause i play football on the swansboro pirates.

  8. brandon hahaha on

    i am very good at naturalit

  9. Kayla C. on

    I am mostly People smart. I’m also, self smart. I think this is pretty accurate, (:

  10. Quentin on

    I;m very body smart and selfsmart

  11. david on

    my highest are nature and music because i go hiking alot and i constantly listen to music -david PEACE OUT

  12. Grant M. on

    It was accurate in that I was music smart but other than that everything else was so low I thought it screwed up. I hope I’m not like this program descripts me but if i am, someone help me, soon before I fall apart!

  13. T♥ri R. on

    I am the most body smart because i play two sports, softball and swimming! I love activity but i don’t like to lose! I am very natural. I love nature and wild creatures. I don’t like to eat deer of animals that live in the wild. i will only eat farm animals. Well, you now know a little about me!! Bye!!!!!!!

  14. Nikki Jones on

    I was not at all surprised at my score! My target was collored all the way through! I always knew I was well rounded. I love sports. I talk with my hands. I’m always tapping my foot to keep time anywhere I am. I love to be out side. I know a lot about nature because I was a girl scout for about 8 years.I love to be in groups. Though I am usually by myself. I think real good when I am walking. I talk only when I have something to say. I an an amazing listener. I knew this would be my result. I take test like these all the time!

  15. christopher m. on

    I thought it was right in some ways and wrong in others i cant beleive i had more logic smart than body smart because i like body smart than logic smart

  16. austin m on

    I am good at intrapersonal but I do not do anything by my self, What is crazy is I am body smart.

  17. Joseph W. on

    I am not smart at intrapersonal or verbal.

  18. cheyenne f on

    my results said that im very interpersonal and i believe that that is very CORRECT…d;b…:)…;)

  19. bradley r. r. on

    It say I am the most smart most in people smart but I barly talk to anyone.

  20. maekayla c on

    my thoughts interpersonnel . BYE BYE FROM FRED (maekayla)

  21. Killian C. on

    My results showed that I wa strongest in Musical/Rythmatic and I was suprised that it came up like that because i thought i would of been stronger in Bodily/Kinesthetic because i love sports but i also listen to alot of music.

  22. Zach S on

    my two strongest things about me are that i am selfsmart and peoplesmart. but one said that I was sightsmart but I really don’t see myself as a visual person. I also have a very looooooooooooooooong memory so I can remember things that other people in my family don’t remember.

  23. Tessa S on

    I am mostly body smart,(Bodily Kinesthetic). I think that it is very close because I am allways playing basketball. I put them in order it goes, Body smart, image smart, logical, people smart, self smart, naturalist, word smart, and then, musical. well thats all i have! BYE!!!!

  24. Alexis M on

    My three highest test scores are body self and music smarts. If you ask me I think the scores are correct because I spend most of my live lisening to music.

  25. Zach .T on

    The test was very Acuruet and said that I was very body smart. However the test also said I was not very logic… wicth was also true.

  26. DREW G on

    im the best in people smart ,logic , and visual

  27. logan z. on

    I am very music smart but this was not very accurate because it says i am not very body smart but i really am. So I do not think this was very accurate.

  28. Taj P. on

    I am very muchical rhythmic smart(:

  29. Mat L. on

    Well I am Really Body Snmart I gusse because i Just went to vcermont to be more healty. and also in Vt i went hiking and coning and byclye reading. so I am Pretty happy about it.

  30. Skoc on

    Im well rounded, except it says I obviously I cant see.(jk, my visual is about 36.).


    i am music and people smart

  32. Haley G, on

    The results are in….

    Number 1: Logicsmart. Yes. This answer really explains a lot. Nothing much to say about it.

    Number 2: Wordsmart: Very honest, indeed. I used the word ‘lackadaisical’ once and received very irritated/confused looks! They though I did it on purpose!

    Number 3: Musicsmart. Yes. Okay. I think so too.

    Question: You never told us your —-smart. TELL US!!! THE PRESS MUST KNOW!!!

  33. jacob w core 3 on

    im am very musical smart

  34. Emma W 3 on

    Hey, I think that I am very smart. I love science as much as you do. I’ll see you tomarrow at core 3.


  35. mikaela k on

    omg i felt really bad after looking at the results but im mostly body smart and people smart i like that part

  36. nick.g ☺☻ on

    i am music smart ☺☻☺☻

  37. mikaela k on

    ok definitly do not not compare to the geniuss of the class youll feel really dumb even though your not lol

  38. nick.g ☺☻ on

    i am music smart ☺☻☺☻ cool

  39. isaac on

    im not smurt no smert no smirt noevrminde lol
    this is an awsome test mr william

  40. daniel l on

    Im bodysmart and cooll

  41. Noelle ;) on

    Hah, mine is soo untrue!!!
    I’m not bodi smart!!!
    i kinda really hate bein outside!
    uhh, put the rest is kinds true.
    my next highest is people smart, which i guess is true??
    but yeah……
    haha, i colored my thingy different colors 😀
    well thats bout it?????
    heehee 😀

  42. isaac on

    im music smart lol

  43. Megan J. on

    i am people smart and music smart and almost all of mine are full it s the coolest test Mr. Williamson

  44. Jacob D on

    Mine is like even all the way through.

  45. clarkd on

    i am body smart!

    i like blogs

  46. emma grace on

    I’m soundsmart, bodysmart, and really wordsmart!

  47. kayla f on

    musical and visual are by highest i think that fits me fell because of i like music alot and i learn better seeing thing to learn

  48. Nathan M on

    Well i’m really People smart, Bodily Kinesthetic, Muscial, and pretty good at everything else :O EXCEPT for Self Smart……… I wonder what the heck that is!?!?!? X( But everything else i’m awesome at. Yeah i’m awesome

  49. Lexsie B. on

    I am image smart, and my second highest is sound smart.

  50. Charmic on

    I am smart in music, math, and self,, hmmm.. According to the results my least is Nature.

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