Working with Skin Surface Data

Yesterday in class we completed an activity that allowed us to estimate the surface area of the skin of the average middle school student. The data from that lab is available here:

Today we are going to take that data and graph it in Excel to see if there is a relationship between height and skin surface area. We will be using several different features of Excel, some of which involve math you have not yet learned, but you should be able to understand the implications of the math, if not the math itself.

By the end of class, you will have completed the following tasks:

  • Created and Printed a Scatterplot of the data from yesterday’s lab
  • Drawn a line of best fit (trendline) for the data
  • Titled and labeled your graph
  • Included the Formula and Regression (R²) line for your data on the printed graph
  • Completed the questions related to the graph for your lab report
  • Posted the estimates for Surface Area for two famous people to my blog, include the mathematical formula used to calculate their Surface Area.

To begin:

  1. Ctrl+Click the link above to open the Google Spreadsheet of our data from yesterday in a new tab.
  2. Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Excel 2003
  3. In the Google Spreadsheet, highlight the cells that contain data (not the column headings)
  4. Right click on the highlighted data and select copy (or hit ctrl+C while the data is highlighted)
  5. In Excel, select the A1 cell, right click and Paste the data (or hit ctrl+v with A1 selected)
  6. If your first row of data is off from the rest of the data, retype the values into the correct column.

Our data should now be imported into Excel.

To create a scatterplot of the data:

  1. Highlight the data (if it is not already highlighted)
  2. Click the Insert menu at the top of the program window
  3. Select Chart from the menu
  4. Select the X Y (scatter) type, and the first Chart Sub-Type
  5. Click Next, twice
  6. In Step 3 of the Chart Wizard, title your chart and axes as follows:
    1. Chart Title: “Your Name”‘s Relationship of Height to Skin Surface Area Graph, replace “Your Name” with your name J
    2. (X) axis Title: Height in cm
    3. (Y) axis Title: Skin Surface Area (cm squared)
  7. Click Next
  8. Create the chart As a New Sheet in Excel

To draw a line of best fit (trendline):

  1. Right click on a data point in your new chart.
  2. Select “Add Trendline…”
  3. Select the Linear Trend type
  4. Under the Options Tab:
    1. Click Display Equation on Chart
    2. Click Display R-squared value on chart
  5. Move the text box with the Equation and the R-squared value into an empty area of your chart.

Save Your Graph to Your Folder on the Server

Print Your Graph

Complete questions 1 through 3 on Skin Surface Area Analysis Questions Sheet. Question 3 involves you finding the surface area for 2 other famous people. When you have completed Question number 3, post a comment to my blog with the celebrities’ names, heights in cm, and skin surface area.

Once your comment is posted, complete questions 4 and 5 of the Analysis Sheet.


22 comments so far

  1. EMily♥♪ on

    Mr. Willamson, this was fun. it was a cool project. I have always wondered how much skin i had!

  2. Autumn :^) on

    Elvis Presley-175cm tall-17183.175 cm squared(skin surface area)

    President Andrew Jackson-162cm tall-16302.126 cm squared (skin surface area)

  3. amber on

    george bush is 167cm tall skin surface is 16640.991
    gul mohammed is 57cm tall skin surface is 9185.961
    *<:0) *<;0)

  4. Joy! on

    Taylor Swift is 180.3 cm. tall (5’11”) and her skin surface is 17,542 cm. sq.
    Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams is 157.5 cm tall (5’2″) and her skin surface is 15,997 cm. sq.
    This was a pretty interesting project and enjoyed every minute of it. I also learned alot. (!!!)


  5. Gess! on

    Austin Powers-17,386.494 cm (:

  6. MarinahNicole on

    Johnny Depp-175cm-122183.175cm squared<33
    Michael Phelps-193cm-18403.089cm squared<33


  7. Kristian on

    Chris Brown was 183cm-17725.359
    Patrick swayze is 178cm-17386.493

  8. LexAn!(: on

    Lil Wayne is 166 cm. tall;that’s 16573.218.

    Bam Margera is 173 cm. tall;that’s 17047.629.


  9. Mason on

    Lebron James is 203 cm tall and his surface area is 19,080.819 sq. cm
    Brett Farve is 188 cm tall and his surface area is 18,064.224 sq cm.

  10. zan on

    Angelina jolie is 170 cm thats 16,844.31 sq cm
    Ann Hathaway is 171 cm thats 16,912.083 sq cm big diffrence for close heights yes i doudle checked.

  11. ben hahaha on

    shaq =252cm. tall WOW!!!!

  12. nick on

    derek jeter is 6”3′ and 190.5cm and the skin surface area is 18,233.6565

    michael jordin is 6”6′ and 198.1 cm tall which his skin surface area is 18748.7313

  13. toddwilliamson on

    Ben…I agree Shaq is tall, but what is his surface area according to our formula??

  14. Niecee on

    Will Smith- 187.96cm- 18061.513cm squared
    Pete Wentz- 170.18cm- 16856.509cm squared
    cool people right!!!!!!!! haha

  15. Joey on

    Brett Favre is 188cm tall and his skin surface area is 18,064.224
    Lebron James is 203cm tall and his skin surface area is 19,080.819

  16. krista♥♥♥♥ on

    just a ? ummm! did you say that the math and science text books are online cuz i forgot my math 1 @ school?

  17. toddwilliamson on

    Our science book is, but I’m not sure about the math book

  18. Ashley on

    Congragulations(sp)? yet again a great project! It was so fun picking partners and the rush was great. :] Thank you

  19. Josh P on

    Michael Jordin is 6’6 and 198.1 cm tall and his skin surface area is 18748.7313.

    Derek Jeter is 6’3 and 190.5 cm tall and his skin surface area is 18,233.656.

    Nick and i worked together so we have the same people and the same answers but i had fun working on it…

  20. Emily♥!♥ on

    That was a fun project! Are you going to put the rest of the pictures you took of us rapped up on here????

  21. Delanigh on

    Ok, Well I may Have Been Absent on this day but the pictures make it look like lots of fun. I think That if we ever do this again i will know about it. Just give me a heads up next time 🙂 So yeah about the new game you posted i won with 16000 :0 highest score yet. Woohoo. Soo yeaaa

    tootles, Delaney 🙂

  22. Kate:0) on

    Hey mr.w that waz sooo fun but i think that we killed alot of trees!!!! 😦

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