How would school change…

msi-wind…if you had access to a laptop all day, every day? We started this discussion in class on Thursday, but here is your chance to voice your ideas. What would be different? What would have to be different? What struggles and benefits do you see to this system? What would the typical class period look like with access to a laptop?
Although this discussion is not much different than our previous one of an iPod Touch for every student, I think there will be some interesting differences from responses there.


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  1. ashleyt on

    well it would be awsome but books are better cuz they dont coast as much as a laptop cuz if you drop =a laptop than it will coast alot

  2. Alisha on

    I think many schools can change from getting more electronics. Many teachers would have to change there curriculum.

  3. Sarah B. on

    I think that the teacher would have to change the way they teach. And it would be more difficult to me! I think books would be the right way to go. one because soem people arent as gifted at the computers as others and two because if you do it by hand and by book then w=one day if we soem how lose all tachnoligy we will still know how to live with out it.

    P.S.idontthink i could live with out technoligy:)

  4. Emily♥!♥ on

    I love that computer! Can I have it when you are done with it? I will give you $10.00!

  5. ►Nihcoals◄ on

    I think it would be pretty cool, cause it would give the kids a different experience and it would mix things up, and even if it didnt go all that well you could still go back to the text books. Sell the computers on ebay or something.:)

  6. Ray λdaπs on

    I would love it. I think that general knowledge about computers around the school would be increased, so there’s not as many silly questions asked, and this also would mean that better advantage would be taken of them. An interesting question would though, is if the students will be able to take the laptop home, and if so, what kind of fine would you have to pay?

  7. Delanigh on

    Suh Weet! That is the coolest thing. IN THE WORLD! It’s sooooooooooooooo tiny. I love it 🙂 I want it 🙂 Can I have it? Please I will give you 20.00 dollars for it. Beat That Emily. :0 hahaha

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