Knee and Hip Surgeries

Tuesday and Wednesday in class we discussed Total Knee Replacement. Many hundreds of thousands of American’s undergo these procedures each year. Students had lots of questions about how the surgery was performed, why titanium was used for replacement, and, of course, the gory specifics of the surgery. You’ve gotta love middle school! has four modules that go through a simulation of a knee and hip replacement that are fantastic. We went through a couple of these in class, but I’m providing the links to all four in case some of your are interested in one we did not get to today. Feel free to share these with family members or if you have a family member who has undergone this surgery show them the simulation and see how they feel it compares to their experience. Just a word of warning, the “real surgery photos” may not be for the faint of heart or the weak stomached.

Knee Replacement and Choose the Prosthesis Activities

Hip Replacement

Hip Resurfacing

Be sure to check out the “other resources” listed on the main page of each activity. These include videos of actual people discussing the circumstances of their replacement surgeries, profiles of major figures in the history of joint replacement, and information for patients from the Zimmer corporation (a company that designs replacement joints).


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