Body Systems Podcasts

As an example of a podcast about a system of the Human Body, I have created a podcast about Synesthesia.  Later this week you will be working on research for your podcast topic.  Be thinking about what you’d like to research and take a look at the list in the previous post for topic ideas.

I’m also including some links to more information about synesthesia for those interested. Hope you enjoy! The intro and outro music for the podcast is “Some One Turning” by the band Arctic from their album Music for Rain, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License 2.5.

Mr. Williamson’s Synesthesia Podcast

More info on Synesthesia:

The Synesthesia Project FAQ

Rare but Real: People who Feel, Taste, and Hear Color

Scholarpedia Article: Synesthesia

Also, there is a novel about a young girl with synesthesia called: A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass.


9 comments so far

  1. ♪♫Meredith♪♫ on

    First to comment 🙂
    just wanted to be the first
    and this is pretty cool
    i like the colorful music

  2. Kate on

    Hey Mr. williamson i think that this podcast will be awesome but I think that we should be able to work with other people that aren’t in our class. I know that it would be hard to get us together for the recordings but i think that you should set a date and then if you tell the other teachers about that day and tell them if they could borrow their students to record it is just a suggestion and i thought maybe you would at least think about it!! By the way even if we don’t get to work with who we want i still think that it is a cool project!!! Bye!

  3. Kate on

    Ohh.. and By the way your voice in your podcast sounds really deep and it is funny cause your so serious!!

  4. Delaney Nicole on

    Mr.williamson,this will teach usmoreabout our body 🙂 i love that. i love taking care of my body 🙂 its awesome 🙂 oh and kate is right your voice in extremly DEEP. lol. I’m in mr. gurly’s class acully in the lab 🙂 See yah this afternoon 🙂

  5. Ray λdaπs on

    Hey, do I have to have music at the beggining, or can I put other sound clips… hahahahahahaoolololololololol………

  6. Emily on

    Yeah you voice sound really deep also you do sound really serious! It is funny! Good job anyway!

  7. kayleigh (ORANGE!!! random I know lol) on

    I think this podcast is awsome and i cannot wait until we do it it looks like it will be really fun but can we please work with people outside of our core? ppppppllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee? 🙂

  8. Emily on

    I did a great job on me, mckenzie and emilys podcast!!!! Other than the fact that they kept on laughing!!!!! Talk to you later!!!

  9. ♥Rebakah♥ on

    ◘hey mr.williamson i just got done listing to your podcast. It’s alot of information that confuses me, but its things that iv learn alot of things that iv never known!!!Thats a really good thing for me though.So maybe ill go home and keep listening to it so it wont confuse me as much as it does. OOO and your voice is really deep!!±

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