Jason Project: Monster Storms


Username: sunfish

Password: bulldog*1

Today in class we will be completing a simulation about hurricanes. In this simulation, the focus will be on forecasting the path of the hurricane. The Jason Project: Monster Storms is an entire unit on storms in and of itself. While we do not have time to go through all the material in class, it will be available to you through the above username and password. Anyone interested is welcome to go through and complete any activities they choose.

In class we will be using the Digital Lab, Storm Tracker. In this lab, students will learn about the driving forces behind hurricanes. Students will use data about sea temperatures, pressure, wind shear, and previous day’s distance traveled to predict the path of a hurricane. They will also have to predict the intensity of the storm and issue necessary warnings for coastal communities to be affected by the storm.

When you access www.jason.org the username and password lines are in the upper right of the page. Enter the username and password above for access. To get to the Storm Tracker module, look for Digital Labs in the list on the left of the page. Follow this link and Storm Tracker is the first Digital Lab available. There are four more digital labs available to try out as well. On your own, you may explore any of the missions, which each include a short video clip of actual storm field work being completed, short readings about the storms to be discussed and activities that will help you understand the science behind the storms. The amount of information available here is amazing, if you want to be an expert on storms, this is the place to start!!

If you complete any of the modules and feel they were especially interesting, comment the blog so others will know what to check out.


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  1. krista on

    For educational reason most students would use a ipod touch because they would just think it would be cool to stuy on it.
    #1 sunfish student.

  2. anthony on

    no the students wont take the ipod responsible

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