Weather Map Activity

Next steps for your map after you’ve finished drawing your station models.

1. Find the station reporting the highest pressure, draw a large H at this station. Find the station reporting the lowest pressure, draw a large L at this station.  From the area of Lowest pressure, you will be drawing a cold front. It should go between stations where wind switches from southwest to northwest and temperatures on one side of the line will be colder than the other. A warm front is going to be between stations where wind switches from east to southwest and temperatures increase.

2. Draw the following isobar lines on your map: 1008 mb, 1012 mb, 1016 mb, 1020 mb and 1024 mb. Label each isobar. These are lines that connect areas with the same pressure. You may have to guess at the best location for each line if there are only a few stations reporting the same pressure.

3. Draw a blob around the locations where precipitation has fallen. Shade this region light green with a colored pencil.

Observation Stations table

Station Model Key (precip, wind speed, etc)


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  1. Joy! on

    hey mr. w. i wuz looking @ all of the comments on the blog and noticed that this one didnt have any. how sad! so, i made the entry happy bcuz it now has a total of…….one (1) comment/s!! yay blog entry!! p.s. i kinda thought that the weather map activity wuz kinda interesting. im not suggesting that we do those more often (pleez no!?!) but it wuz a great learning experience.
    p.s. THE BCMS VOLLEYBALL TEAM WON!!!! (for the 8th time this year) we rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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