Talk about Service!!

Laura Stockman would have no trouble being a Sunfish student. Well, except for the fact she’s only 10 years old. While I’m advocating each Sunfish student put in 8 hours of work with the community, Laura has been actively involved in service for a long time. Last December, she decided to honor the memory of her grandfather by doing one good deed a day in December leading leading up to Christmas. The results of her efforts are chronicled on her blog “Twenty-Five Days to Make a Difference.” Rather than just being a place to chronicle her journey, the Twenty-Five Days blog has become a rallying point for community service throughout the world. Take a look around and see if you get any ideas for projects you could get involved in here for your service project.


8 comments so far

  1. Ray Adams on

    0MG FIRST POST! No just kidding. Wow, I wish I could think of these things. It makes me smile to see people doing things like this. I’m sure her Grandfather must be very honored.

  2. nicholas toooooooooooouchton on

    Wow that’s a lot of service? It’s amazing that there that dedicated to do something. Just sayin.

  3. amber on

    this is really cool im kinda surprised that someone would get up and work like that no offense to anyone that is that active cause i am active to *<:o)

  4. amber on

    10 years old wow she is truely amazing to be soo cool with work i know i wasnt very interested in even turning off my tv show for dinner and i luv food!! *<;o)

  5. Meredith on

    wowww 10 years of age that’s pretty younge for that much she must of been dedicated

  6. Kristen :) on

    When is our service project due???
    me and brooke are making flyers, what date should we put?

    thats really cool that she did that especially when she was 10!!!!

  7. toddwilliamson on

    Kristen, the Service Project is due March 31st. Hope you’re enjoying your break!

  8. bUBBLEgUM on

    this is the bestest idea ever ever evr ever ever ever ever ever hehehehehe

    Always Ashley♥

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