Web 2.0 in your life

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a meeting where several teacher discussed the uses of Web 2.0 technologies in the classroom. The basic idea of Web 2.0 is that the Internet is moving to a more collaborative environment and user-generated content is becoming more normal. We see this all the time with sites like YouTube allowing over 3 billion video views by January of 2008. The vast majority of those videos were uploaded by general users of the site.

The question that kept popping up in my head was: which of these technologies are students using when they’re away from the classroom. I know I use this blog to keep students and parents updated, but how many students are bloggers as well? How many of my students have created communities around them through MySpace or similar social networking sites (we’ll ignore the fact that you’re supposed to be at least 14 to do that…for now). Are any of my students microblogging through Twitter, or having the news they want sent directly to them through RSS, or creating videos to post to YouTube about topics that are important to them??

The survey below is designed to give me a bit of a lens through which to view these questions. Please, select as many of the tools off the list as you are ACTUALLY using. If you aren’t using any of them, say so in the Other box. If there are tools you use which are not listed, either post a comment to this blog entry or list them in the Other box. Please take the survey only once so the data is not skewed. Again, I am looking for actual content or network creation, not “Yeah, I watch YouTube videos.”

Click Here to take the Web 2.0 survey


2 comments so far

  1. Kristian on

    Thank you for picking me for student of the month!!
    Well thats all i have to say

  2. Ray Adams on

    Glad to see this. I love it when people recognize
    technology as a multipurpose tool, to not only communicate, but to teach, and things of the sort. And yes, I love making videos on youtube. Search these, and you’ll find some videos I made; deathray393 (my name) The epicnesst movie ever. (Video I made on a different account)

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