Electrocity Simulation

For those of you that have taken an interest in our discussion of air pollution (and even possibly some of you who haven’t!) there’s a cool site you might find interesting. Electrocity is a game provided by an electric company in New Zealand. It resembles SimCity for those of you who are familiar with that game. You are the mayor of a city and it is up to you to decide how you want to power your city, tax your citizens, and provide jobs/entertainment for you population. You can buy and sell coal and gas on the market. You might want to try to build a small city that is environmentally friendly or you might want to try and build the biggest city possible. You’ve only got 150 turns to try however. When you complete a city use the code: TW11152 to let me know how you did. I will post high scores in the class based on a formula using Population and Overall Grade as a Mayor. Good luck!



4 comments so far

  1. Joy! on

    haha! i made another blog entry not sad!!! YAY ME!! this is a really fun game 2. i heart it! wut a *happy* blog entry! (all thanx 2 me) the BCMS vball team still ROX!!!! =)



  2. Shay on

    Electrocity is a really cool and fun game to play! I really learned alot about fuels and a little about money!!!

  3. amber on

    I luv this game soo much and i hope their are other games like this where we have to take care of endangered fish or some thing thats a thing to look up huh!?!I bet this blog entry is even happier because 2 blogs are better than 1!!!
    *<;0) P.S. no offense to JOY
    Rough as a football player!!!!!!
    *<:0) P.S.S Im so cool and so is MR.Williamson B0)

  4. amber on

    B0) he is wearin sun glasses and is cool as mr.W!!!!!!! P.S luv my life and this game

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