Sunfish Science Wiki

This year, you will be part of the process of creating a wiki for our 7th grade science class. Many of you are probably familiar with Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.  The basic idea of a wiki is that it is a website that can be edited by multiple users. You will be receiving a username and password to edit the Williamson Science Wiki.  Our wiki will start out with a number of sections: one for each of our main units this year, one for the service project, and a 7th grade science Glossary.  As we go through the year, each of you will be responsible for adding certain kinds of information to the wiki.  Hopefully, the wiki will go through LOTS of changes as the year moves along.  You can get a preview of the wiki by clicking the link below or in the Links to the right.

Sunfish Science Wiki

For more information about wikis, here’s a short video from Common Craft that explains wikis in a very simple fashion:


2 comments so far

  1. ashley on

    Hey mr. william i found a very interesting video that i want you to check out if you could the web site is please watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ray λdams on

    I would like to praise the whole wiki idea, because it was pure brilliance. It’s people like you who bring the school ever closer to the future.

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