Astro-Ferret…no, really…

Yesterday, we began discussing the atmosphere, what it is, and what gases it contains. But why are those gases important for our planet? Today you will be working through a site from NASA where you will take on the role of an Atmospheric Chemist. Your job will be to document the effects of changing the amounts of five atmospheric gases: Nitrogen, Water Vapor, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Ozone. You will need to tell the effects on temperature, plant life, animal life, weather, and any other effects you notice. Record your information in the data sheet provided.

If you finish the Atmospheric Science Training module, then you may try the Atmospheric Science Mission which has you investigate the possibility of humans living on Mars and Venus.

AstroVenture Atmospheric Science Training

AstroVenture Atmospheric Science Mission (only after completing the training module)


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  1. sierra on

    that was so wierd, and now i have an aversion to ferrets, but i knda liked the whole”educational” doom and destruction thing. Poor cows!

  2. !Autumn! on

    Haha the cows are funny!!! And when you were acting the the ferret in class was funny too! That website is so fun!

  3. Shay on

    The weasle is so annoying but very entertaning. I think it was really interesting to see what happens when there is too much or too little gases in the atmosphere. It was a great class!!!!

  4. Shay on

    By the way… POOR COWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ray λdams on

    I think that the Weasel needs to be arrested for cruelty to animals! I mean really! He suffocated them, burned them alive, exposed them to deadly radiation, and froze them to death! I am going to call the g33k squad, and get them to hack his website, and replace the cows with weasels! Btw, I am going to use photoshop to kill the weasel!

  6. bUBBLE gUM on


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