That is about the only way I can sum up the past 24 hours. Last night at Carteret County School’s Celebration of Excellence I was named Teacher of the Year for our school system. I cannot begin to describe what an honor it is to be recognized along with some of the best educators in the state and country. To share that moment with my wife and daughter was more than I could have asked. I am truly honored and blessed to have had this success here at Broad Creek. Thank you to all the students, parents, and faculty here at BCMS and all those who have supported me professionally and personally thus far along the journey. 

Teacher of the Year

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  1. Carolyn Williamson on


    No two parents could be prouder of their son than we are. We know you will go far in your chosen profession. You have our support in all you do.

    Good Luck in the next step!

    Again, congratulations!
    Mom and Dad

  2. Jenna Norris on

    Congratulations!!!! You are a great teacher and I am glad you had my son this year. Keep up the good work!

    Jenna Norris

  3. Hannah on

    ahhh congratulatons Mr Williamson.. just between you and me you were one of my favorite teachers this year and you will be the teacher that i will most likly to miss next year. none of the other teachers have a sense of humor and the fun that you make class. haha now i am glad that i have science first. the little voices that you use and the smart board make class funny and exciting. i am so glad that i have this team.. CONGRATULATIONS MR WILLIAMSON

  4. Bethany West on

    Hey Mr. Williamson
    good job on winning that thing-e
    u know i was ur favorite in class
    i will miss u nexts year a lot
    the sounds u made in class sounded so cool
    well bye

  5. Amy W!!! on

    omg…congrats to u mr.w! im sooo glad that u got teacher of the year b-cuz u totally deserved it!!! u were the best teacher EVER and i am soooo missing being in ur class!! oh, by the way, my mom teaches kindergarten and she told me that u got an award 4 being teacher of the year and i was like, good! cuz he deserved it!! ily!

  6. Amy W!!! on

    oh and by the way mr.w… ur daughter is sooo cute in the photo album!!! ily mr. funny face!

  7. kirk on

    my 2 best intelegences is nature smart and visual smart.


  8. Ray λdams on

    I was actually there. I had no clue who you were then. Oh, and Kirk, wrong thread.

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